Siam Classic Dance Studio
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  • Siam, the king whose history customs and civiliaztion have transcended time. The land of beauty and cultural treasures that have descended down through centuries. Rejoice the glory of ancient Siam and be fascenated by the wonder and grandeur of Siam.
  • Thai Classical and Folk dances continue to be Thailand's representation of Thai sulture in this new millennium
  • Expertise Thai dancers of Siam Classic Dance Studio Troupe all have served to enhance the prestige of thais.
  • With our experience in travelling and being Thailand's representatives to show our beautiful performing arts, we are proud to offer you in organizing a variety of Thai Classical & Folk Dances plus Complementary Dance for your special occasions which you need the expression of the unique of Thai culture.
  • Our experiences are performed in overseas and interstate such as: Melbourne, Canberra, Brisbane, Wellington and Auckland.
  • Oue service includes providing Thai typical costumes and make-up artists. 
  • We are also keen in teaching Thai dances to Thais and foreigners who are endeavoured in this kind of Thai Culture.


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